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Color Wheel

Used Shinohara Presses

Shinohara 52  2,4,5 and 6 colors size 14 x 20" (520 x 360/370 mm)
Shinohara 66  2,4,5 and 6 colors size 19 x 26"  (660 x 483 mm)
Shinohara 74/75  2,4,5, and 6 colors  23 x 29"  (740/750 x 585 mm) or 20 x 29" (740/750 x 508 mm)
Shinohara 79  2,4,5, and 6 colors 23 x 31" (790 x 600)
Shinohara 92  2,4,5 and 6 colors  24 x 36" (915 x 610)
Shinohara 104  2 color 28 x 41" (1040 x 720 mm)
The press program includes convertible perfectors, in line tower coaters and dryers.


Expert Support

Our factory trained technicians have been working daily on Shinohara presses for many years and have in-depth mechanical, electrical and lithographic knowledge. They are available to do service calls, installations, training, inspections and preparation for pick up.

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Call us!

If you have a technical problem give us a call and we shall try to help you.

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We cannot list the thousands of parts we carry. Below is an overview of some of the parts we handle:


Orion air pumps, parts, timing belts, vanes, filters etc.
Orion air pump rebuilt kits
Orion air pumps
Gas springs for cylinder guards
Air cylinders for pneumatics
Air valves for pneumatics
Electro magnetic valves
Amplifiers for side guide detectors
Fiber optic cable for side guide detectors
Bar wrenches for plate clamps
AS and SA solenoids
Brushes for main drive motors
Brush wheels for feeder board (goat hair or horse mane)
Rubber wheels for feeder board
Delivery chains
Fluorescent lamps
Spray cups and gaskets
Fuji Electric Contactors (Electro magnetic switches)
Cylinder gripper fingers and gripper pads
Detector lamp
No.5 Ebonite/nylon inking roller for 66 series presses ( the inker wash blades rests against it)
Parts and operating manuals
Electric circuit diagram manuals
Pick up and forwarding sucker cylinders
Pick up and forwarding sucker holders
Pick up sucker piston complete
Forwarding sucker piston complete
Air filters for sheet decurlers
Sheet separation flip springs
Triac fuses for power supplies
Nylon gears for the Shinmatic dampening systems
Hickey pickers blades
Lamps for 26" SONEKO IR dryers
Limit switches
Ice cube relays
Lubrication schedules
Ink key motor assemblies and amplifiers
Plate clamps bolts
Thermal relays
Inker wash up tray for 26" press
Push buttons and select switches
Power supplies
Thermal relays


New rollers including new core, rubber and bearings
Inker wash up blades
Blanket cylinder wash up blades
Compressible blankets with bars and under blankets
ICP anti marking film for cylinders
Steel doctor blade for 26" press tower flush coater.
Perma Pack pressure sensitive cylinder packing
Super Blue netting
We also  supply parts for the older Shinohara press models such Shinohara/Fuji 50/52/52IIP/65/66/65IIP.

Used Shinohara Presses

Parts Ordering

For a quick answer as to price and availability of parts we need the following information

  • Press model
  • Serial/machine number
  • Page number in the manual
  • Reference number
  • Description and quantity.

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